'Arry'Arry Jr.3 Speed Gordon
3 Speed James3 Speed Spencer3 Speed Thomas
A Muddy Watery Emily with wet Freight Car with loadAlfieAnnie
BenBen Jr.Bert
Bert Jr.BertieBertie Jr.
BertramBillBill Jr.
CharlieCharlie with Ice Cream on Bolster Wagon and Milk Churns on FlatbedChocolate-Covered Percy with Chocolate Syrup Tanker
Diesel 10Diesel 10 Jr.Diesel Helps Out with Diesel, Water Tanker, and Fire Van
Diesel Jr.DodgeDonald
Donald Jr.DouglasDouglas Jr.
DuckDuck Jr.Duck with a Shaving Cream-Covered face and Troublesome Trucks
DukeDuncanDuncan Jr.
Duncan with Elephant Statue Truck and Log TruckEdwardEdward Jr.
FloraFlynnFlynn with Water Tank
FreddieFreddie with Bike on FlatbedGlow in the Dark Diesel with two Trucks
Glow in the Dark Ghoslty Percy with Lime Loaded Slate Trucks and Blue VanGordonGordon Jr.
Gordon with a Search and Rescue CarHankHarvey
Henry Jr.HiroJack
JamesJames Jr.James with Fuel Tanker
James with Red Nose and Red BreakvanJames with Search and Rescue CarJames with Tender, Paint Cans, and Spare Parts
Leaf-Covered Sir Handel with Blue Log CarLost and Found Hiro with Tender, Parts, and Sodor Steam Works SignMadge
MavisMavis Jr.Max
Mighty MacMollyMonty
Mud-Covered Duncan with Cow TruckMurdochNed
Oliver (The Pack)Oliver Jr.Paint-Covered Thomas with Wobbling Troublesome Trucks
PatrickPercyPercy Jr.
Percy and the Search CarsPercy with Red Coal TruckPeter Sam
Peter Sam Jr.ProteusRheneas
Rheneas Jr.Rheneas with Dinosaur on FlatbedRocky
Rocky to the RescueRosieRusty
Rusty Jr.S. C. RuffeySalty
Salty's Sodor Zoo Night ExhibitSalty with Blue TruckScruff
Sir HandelSkarloeySkarloey Jr.
SpencerSpencer Jr.Spencer with Coal Mustache with red Flatbed
SplatterSpringtime Surprise RosieSpringtime Surprise Thomas
Springtime Surprise TobyStanleyStanley with Stone Troublesome Trucks
StepneyTerenceThe Breakdown Train
ThomasThomas' Big HaulThomas' Egg Express
Thomas Jr.Thomas The Tank EngineThomas the Tank Engine Kids
Thomas the Tank Engine Trackmaster WikiThomas with Flatbed with a Bucket of Bubbles and BrakevanThomas with Green Truck, Jam Boxes, and Rocks
Thomas with Mail Coach and Ice VanThomas with Stone TruckTired Percy with Blue Coach and Breakvan
TobyToby Jr.Victor
Victor with truckWet Skarloey with Sheep TruckWhiff
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